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Dated;                  13 November 2012
When, and if, you think of paint it doesn’t exactly fill you with excitement. It is not known for being riveting or particularly interesting but if you take just 2 minutes to look around you will see that paint is EVERYWHERE!
Without protective coatings the world would be in a state of decay and despair;
Cars would be rusty
Buildings would fall to pieces
Bridges would crumble
Factories and warehouses would perish
Ships would corrode
Oil rigs would sink
Fuel tanks and pipelines would collapse
and Homes would be dull
Paint is the greatest invisible visible product.
Every day of our life we benefit from the use of protective coatings. Coatings protect our assets and extend their life drastically.  Take the humble warehouse cladding for instance, this would last only a fraction of the time it does now without the help of paint.   Be it metal, concrete, wood, stone, or plastic, paint plays it part and affects the way we see, act and feel. 
Recognising the importance of protective coatings in our life we need to continue to protect our assets…. our homes, our warehouses, our offices, our leisure facilities, our schools, our utilities etc. Surfaces rust and weaken without protective coatings resulting in high cost replacement where maintenance would have protected and extended the life of the product with the added bonus of improving the look or even helping it blend into it’s environment.
It is estimated that corrosion costs the UK over £10 billion a year!
Southern Contracting Services can help you maintain your premises, we are able to prepare and apply protective coatings efficiently, effectively and at value. We know downtime is costly for you and so are able to programme the works to reduce disruption to a minimum. 
We have huge experience in the protective coatings industry and are able to offer a wide and diverse range of systems which can be applied to an equally wide range of surfaces… steelwork, cladding, brickwork, timber, concrete floors, plastic and plastisol etc
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